TomCat Films Enters the Ring with Knockout Film, “Blood Games” – International Rights Secured

TomCat Films LLC ( announces today that is has secured international rights to Panorama Entertainment’s action-packed feature, Blood Games, which had its world premiere at Cannes Market 2012.


TomCat Films LLC ( announces today that is has secured international rights to Panorama Entertainment’s action-packed feature, Blood Games (known in the U.S. as Sanctioned to Die), which had its world premiere at Cannes Market 2012. “We are excited to be in business with Tomcat. We’ve known Ted for years, and know that the Film couldn’t be in better hands” says Stuart Strutin, co-founder of Panorama Entertainment.

The film premiered U.S. domestic at the AOF Film Festival in Los Angeles, where the Festival’s creator, Del Weston, proclaimed, “(Director) Brent is one of the most versatile, passionate, intuitive filmmakers…He doesn’t just tell a story through his films, he invites us into it, allowing us to live and breathe amongst the characters.”

Blood Games, in which a rookie cop, Ryan McGowan, finds himself in an underground all or nothing fight competition that forces him through a series of intense battles which become increasingly difficult with each bout. The film was written and directed by acclaimed filmmaker, Brent Bambic, and Produced by Ethan Black (Runaways, The Murders at Cane Hill).

Blood Games won Best Martial Arts Film at the 2012 Las Vegas International Film Festival. It also received several nominations including; Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Fight Choreography.

Bambic’s previous feature “Exploring Love”, a bittersweet romance that also had its world premiere at a Cannes Film Festival in ’07. The controversial indie film took off on the festival circuit, where it won Best Drama Feature and was nominated for Outstanding Cast Performance by the AOF Int’l Film Festival, and Brent received a nomination for Best Producer from the Queens Int’l Film Festival, which marked the movie’s New York premiere.

Deal was brokered between Panorama Entertainment’s Stuart Strutin and TomCat’s President, Ted Chalmers. “We are excited to offer Brent’s latest action film to our line-up,” says Chalmers, “Blood Games is not only action-packed, but it is thought provoking, as well.”

Blood Games was shot on location in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Full plot summary, cast and crew bios, trailers and more on Blood Games can be viewed on the project’s official website:!__menu.


Arizona based TomCat Films LLC was formed in 2007 by a financing entity to produce low budget films for the world market. All of its productions have been profitable. Recently released productions include GERM, ROBIN HOOD: GHOSTS OF SHERWOOD, DISASTER WARS, SNAKE CLUB: REVENGE OF THE SNAKE WOMAN, CAPTAIN BATTLE, AGENT BEETLE and IRON SOLDIER. TomCat Films specializes in offering highly marketable films for worldwide distribution. It utilizes state of the art technology to make the experience of buying and delivering films as simple and transparent as possible. The company attends all key film and TV markets, including Toronto, AFM, Berlin, and Cannes. TomCat will be headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona but will have an office in Beverly Hills, California.


Stuart Strutin and Steve Florin formed PANORAMA ENTERTAINMENT in 1987. We formed the company to distribute “niche” type product into the marketplace. Our individual film industry backgrounds were well suited to this philosophy, and we had known each other prior to forming Panorama.

Since we make a conscious effort to limit the number of films we do distribute at any one time, part of our goal is to establish an association with the filmmaker. We believe that the film becomes more important than either the distributor or the filmmaker; thus, our collaborative efforts must push the product forward.

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