Disaster Wars Tempts Fate and Goes Into Production Just in Time

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Dec. 13, 2012 – Today is 12.12.12. Which some say is akin to the Mayan calendar’s end-of-the-world mythos. The Mayan Long Count calendar is thought to reach the end of its cycle this year, 2012. The hype and rumors have caused some people to believe that the world will end or that there will be catastrophes on a large scale. If you fear the end is near — fear no longer. It’s not the end of the world, it’s the start of… DISASTER WARS.

TomCat Films hits mid-point on its production of DISASTER WARS: EARTHQUAKE VS. TSUNAMI. The story begins… Deep underwater in the Marianas Trench an accident results in a devastating Tsunami that destroys the Hawaiian Islands as it continues toward the west coast. Panic ensues all up and down the western coast of North and South America. In an attempt to lessen its impact, scientists launch an underwater explosion that inadvertently makes the tsunami more powerful and focused on Los Angeles. Scientists rush to a solution while the military begins planning for the worst. Los Angeles begins emergency evacuation. Lives and loves are lost even as a brash young grad student comes up with a solution: start the mother of all earthquakes to counter the rushing torrent and raise the continental shelf off the coast of the United States.

The much anticipated sci-fi action film is being made by longtime TomCat collaborators, David Palmieri and David Sterling. The cast includes sci-fi icons, Reggie Bannister (Phantasm), Priscilla Barnes and Joe Estevez.

President/CEO of TomCat, Ted Chalmers says, “We think the timing is just right to start our new series of sci-fi disaster epics. If creatures can fight each other, then why not disasters?” The film has been pre-sold in Germany, France, and Asia. “We plan on making a trilogy”, says Chalmers. “Wait until you see what’s coming next!”

Palmieri and Sterling went through many options for filming locations, finally deciding on Hollywood, CA. Filming in a location true to the story, and timely to the start of DISASTER WARS. TomCat Films is here to battle what seems like the end and make way for a new beginning! Check out the teaser of what’s to come…


One Good Disaster Deserves Another!

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