Prelude to Infusco

    Six rebel figures have taken refuge in an abandoned sector against a genetically enhanced superhuman race, where they are forced to reconcile their fate.


This fantasy/eco-thriller follows twelve-year-old Mira Gonzaga who has been having terrible dreams. As the night terrors continue warnings from her deceased grandmother and visions of things-to-come haunt her dreams as well as her waking reality. When nearby fracking operations begin to

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When failed inventor James Jones (Paul Freeman) dies in a laboratory accident, his estranged children return to the family estate to settle his affairs. They each bring their own baggage: Eloise (Claira Watson Parr) has never recovered from the loss of

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The award-winning, tragic and heartbreaking story of Farhan, Sahar, and their new baby daughter Reem, Insha’Allah challenges audiences to address head on the issues of people smuggling, while seeing the effects it has on the people involved or left behind. Set

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Family of Four

A teenage daughter, overwhelmed by insecurity, trades her sexuality for acceptance.  A seven-year-old son, lamenting the loss of his imaginary friend due to prescribed medication, trades fantasy for the harsh reality of his surroundings. An unstable mother, a recovering alcoholic pent

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Beat Battle

A struggling producer dreams of winning a national beat battle contest to gain respect and possibly start a career as a producer. This is a Hip-Hop film in the vein of “8 Mile”, “Hustle & Flow” and even harkening back to

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Baby Brother

H, Casey and baby Severino have been split up after their mother’s death. Casey is in care; Severino has been fostered with a view to adoption, and no one really cares what H does; even his mum thought he was a

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Abandoned, The

MIRA FURLAN (LOST, BABYLON 5) stars in this story about Alen, a 13-year old boy born in the middle of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is living in an orphanage, waiting for his mother to contact him from France.

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Kingdom of Dust

In a basement, somewhere in war torn Baghdad, hostage Adam Smith (Stephen Hogan, THE TUDORS), imprisoned by Ahmed, (Elyes Gabel, GAME OF THRONES) is waiting to die. With no time, no chance, and no hope, he must look into the abyss

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