AFM 2012: TomCat Films Does ‘Trailerific’ Promotion With YouToo

From The Hollywood Reporter Arizona sales company’s series of tongue-in-cheek theatrical trailers will air on interactive online and cable TV service. TomCat Films LLC, an Arizona-based production and international sales company, has signed a licensing deal with YouToo TV to carry

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TomCat Films “Isis,” Rises to Theatrical Release in Asia

from Ted Chalmers and President of Platinum Assassin Film & Multimedia LLC, Lisa Palenica are thrilled to announce their supernatural thriller, “Isis Rising: Curse of the Lady Mummy,” has wrapped production and sealed an Asian rights deal with India-based OM

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Perfect: Android Rising

In the near future, our nation is at war with itself, once again. The United States, on the brink of collapse, transforms into a totalitarian republic. All those who oppose the new Republic are deemed traitors and form the Rebel Resistance.

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